Sunday, September 30, 2007


Today, we went to Jacob and Jessica's church to help celebrate and witness the baptism of both Sammy and Freddie. It was a really nice service and the boys did great.

After church, there were some ushers helping people to their cars with umbrellas since it was raining. Cal followed a black lady out there and I joined up with them a few minutes later. I realized they must have bonded when Cal looked up at her and said sweetly, "I like your brown body."

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Calvin's Birthday Party

For Cal's third birthday party, we invited his six closest friends. The plan was to have the party at a neighborhood park, because 6 friends = 20 people. But, it was a rainy day, so we all crammed into our house. It worked out well, though, and Cal had a blast!

We ordered these amazing cupcakes from a neighborhood bakery. If mine had tasted like poop, I would've still eaten it with a smile.

1. Sexy mama

2. Cal sang very loudly to himself. He has been waiting for this day for months.

3. And enjoyed the cupcake so much, he scraped the crumbs off of the table and licked his hand.

1. Matthew (Hannah's brother) just turned one, but held his own in the mess.
2. See Isaac playing the piano with Sammy and Mado?
3. The first half of the party, there were no balls in there. Once Eric added them, they couldn't get enough.

1. Cathe and Colin- Cathe's husband, Dave, works with Eric and is responsible for Eric getting his job at GMI. Yeah, Dave. When we moved here, Cathe introduced me to her playgroup. Yeah, Cathe!
2. Isaac was happy in his highchair for the first half hour as he ate ground turkey, cheese and grapes. Two helpings. Meatwad.
3. Chaos.

1, 2, 3. We had a magician! Eric won him in a raffle a year ago. He did a great job and really held the kids' attention. Cal and Molly were the only ones who continued to volunteer.

1. Opening presents- I have been really overwhelmed with all the toys lately. I feel like they have SOOO many and I don't know how to keep it under control. So, I was a little scared. But, Cal opened lots of different types of crafts (playdough, stickers, paint), some clothes, a puzzle, a book, a cd and a couple games. It was great! Thank you thank you, friends who read this! Awesome presents.
2. We got a Cal a ukelele. I had talked about getting him a little guitar and Sarah J. suggested the ukelele. Thanks, Sarah! He loves it. When he opened it, he said, "Where's the pick?"
3. This is the vest from Sammy. It's totally dope and reversible.
So, we had a great time. Cal cried when we said it was bedtime. He really didn't want this day to end.
PS How crazy that I have a 3-year-old! Does that mean I'm old?

Random Pictures

Cal insisted on wearing his helmet to the table. He hasn't put this on in months, so I'm not sure what's going on in there...

I could hardly stand to throw away this awesome wrapping paper from Aunt Dana, so Eric suggested that I immortalize it by taking a picture.

I know- it's a lame-o birthday cake. It's a Betty Crocker Warm Delight that you make in the microwave! He was so excited, though, and scraped it clean.

I love the greasy strip of hair. (Thanks for the awesome classy polo shirt, Sarah J!)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Day at the Park with the McCowens

Lisa, Hannah and Matthew all came over and we headed to the park. Aren't they such cute kids? They truly love eachother and play so well together. And I love Lisa, too (not pictured).

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sammy Loves Me!

In preschool, heard by Miss Michelle:

Sammy: Do you love me, Cal?
Calvin: Well, yes, Sammy. I do love you because you're my best friend!

Check out Sammy's post to Calvin at

Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Calvin!

Today, Cal turns three. Even though raising children is one of the most challenging, self-realizing, emotionally and physically exhausting things I have ever done, I love it! Calvin has been a true joy to my life and I thank God all the time for him. I am praying that God will make him a leader for Him among his peers, that he will not have to go through a period of walking away from God to make him turn to God, and that he will learn to love God with all of his heart. But for now, I'm thankful that Cal is adventurous, kind, gentle, loving to Isaac, energetic, a good eater, compliant, fun, funny and so darn cute.

I know this picture is a little too raw for some of you, but I love it. He is obviously just a few minutes old here. (Don't you love how I smudged out his hoo-ha?)

Here, he is just a few hours old. He weighed only 6lbs, 3oz and came 5 weeks early.

6 months. I can't believe what an easy baby he was. He would just hang out, smile and play with whatever toys were in front of him (not that I'm comparing him to any other baby we know...). And don't ask me about the white socks.

This is right before his first birthday. He has always loved drinking out of straws.

Our apple picking adventure last year right around his second birthday. He has literally been talking about this trip for a year. I think this year's adventure may have been a let-down because of all the hype he gave last year's.

Happy Birthday, Bug! We love you lots!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Apple Orchard- Beware: many pictures below

Cal was not happy about this kid getting in the seat after Cal moved to the front. He kept saying ,"I was using this!" The parents weren't around, so I made poor little Cal get off and give the brat a turn.