Friday, June 11, 2010

The boys- Differences and Similarities

I've always said that my boys are as different as two boys can be. But in a lot of ways, they are alike. So I decided to make a list. Very exciting for you all.


-Cal has always spoke very clearly and annunciated since he could talk.
-Ike still has a speech problem but is working on it. He doesn't say his Rs correctly and has to slow down to get his Cs, and Gs.

-Cal is all about pretend play. He loves dress-up, superheroes, making forts and slides in the house, and making up his own rules to games.
-Ike loves concrete objects a ton (like trains, diggers and trucks) but has been catching on to Cal's imaginative play and will most always play anything Cal wants.

-Cal, on a regular basis, will drip in his pants still and just sit around in it until I yell at him to go change his disgusting pants.
-Ike very rarely has an accident (maybe two in the past year?) and changes himself.

-Cal loves for everything to have a place but that doesn't mean he will put it away.
-Ike doesn't care where things are.

-Cal, until very recently, was extremely attached to his blanket and wanted to bring it everywhere around the house.
-Ike will throw his blanky away from him when he's upset.

-When Cal is upset, he cries.
-When Ike is upset, he yells.

-Cal started reading small, easy words at this age- he knew all his letters and their sounds.
-Ike only knows the letter "I" and doesn't care about any others.

-Cal doesn't care about sports even though he loves to run around the yard and excercise.
-Ike is very coordinated and loves to hit, throw and kick balls. And Ike learned how to pump on a swing a couple weeks ago!

-Cal needs lots of sleep and always has.
-Ike has always needed less sleep and even now sleeps less than Cal by about a half hour a night.

-Cal is extremely helpful, compassionate and thoughtful.
-Ike loves justice (or his definition of justice!), has his own ideas on most things and perseveres.

-Cal is an extrovert.
-Ike is an introvert.

-Cal loves crafts.
-Ike loves glue.

-Cal will eat when prodded.
-Ike will eat anything.

-Cal wants to please.
-Ike wants to do what he wants to do.

-Cal asks me while we are in the car, "Where are we going again?" even after I tell him.
-Ike asks me as soon as we are dressed, "Where are we going today?!" and will remember and look forward to it until we leave.


-Cal and Ike both love to make others laugh.

-They love to make eachother laugh.

-They love books, superheroes, bugs, tv shows, music, playing outside and play-dough.

-They were not cuddlers as babies and wanted to be put down to go to sleep.

-They love the water and are great swimmers for their ages.

-They love people and excitement.

-They love to wrestle eachother and Eric.

That's it for now. I may update this as I think of more.