Monday, July 28, 2008

Party Animals

Eric and I went out on Friday night and met our good friends, Laura and Isaac (Mado's parents). We went to this really insane bar first. It's called Nye's (spelling?). It is completely decked out in late 60's garb- which I'm pretty sure has been there since the late 60's. They have a polka band on one end and a piano bar on the other. And it's not trying to be cool. All the people were at least in their 60's or 70's. We were, by far, the youngest people there.

Waiting for the bus...

Isaac and Laura
Eric and Leah with all their passion
Eric, not cooperating, as usual.
This is a fake smile by Eric. He was really annoyed that I kept making him take pictures.
Old People Bar...
At the Dance Club...
That's right. We went dancing. The place was completely empty until about 11:30- and even then, there were about 10 people dancing. Supposedly, it gets packed at 12:30. We left at 11:45.

On the Light Rail...

We took public transportation all night. We took the wrong bus out to Nye's, walked to the club, took a cab back downtown and after making fun of all the skanky clothes, got on the light rail back south.

Big Isaac, little Laura

Lasik Leah


"Wow. What a dork. She should totally get rid of those glasses."


Eric got to watch the whole thing through a glass- which lasted about 8 minutes. He didn't take a picture until right after (when I started signing to him).


"Wow. What a sexy lady. Even with those Ray Charles glasses!"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun with Grandparents

I haven't gotten any pictures from the Miller's yet (did you take any, Barb? Dana? if so, send them my way!), but here are some highlights of the week with my side of the family.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Catching Up

Since the boys are with their grandparents this week in Chicago, I'm trying to catch up with all the pictures.

Eric took Cal camping a couple weekends ago. He had a blast and still talks about it. They roasted marshmallows and he stayed up late into the night- giggling about the tent and how "it's like a little house."

Not totally sure what's going on here...
Doing a little dance?

Aaaah. Is there anything sweeter than a little boy's back? Look at that thing!

I'm excited that Isaac is getting more into art. Since the boys have been on the same sleep schedule for a couple months, Calvin has been gipped out of many things- like art and marbles. We used to do these things when Isaac was sleeping.


It's official. This is what will be posted really soon at Homeward Bound Rescue of MN. Last chance for any friends to claim her!

Attention stay at home moms! Want your own Super Nanny for the kids? Meet Lola, an adult female Lab girl whose patience and attention to kids of all ages puts Super Nanny to shame. Lola is wonderful with children, and very well behaved... she is a lady. Lola loves to play with and snuggle with the kids. She does not, however, like being crated so would prefer a home where someone was home most of the time and when they left could leave her loose inside. She is housestrained and overall a mellower dog. Lola is a little embarassed to admit that she is afraid of other dogs, so not a huge fan of dog parks, and would prefer to live and be loved as an only dog. She was not socialized well with other dogs and is unsure what they are doing when they are in her face. If you are home a lot and have some kids and a yard for Lola, email ____ with questions.

Monday, July 21, 2008


These were taken by Jess.

I'm not sure why Isaac only has his swim diaper on here and no shorts. Did I do that?
We were cracking up b/c his booty does not fit correctly in this swim diaper.
This is the diaper cover that Becky knit him.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Guilt Prayer

Cal keeps getting out of his bed at naptime even though he knows it's not allowed. I hear him running around and he knows the consequence: a spanking. Today, I talked to him again about obeying- that by obeying me and Eric, he obeys the Lord. I felt like he was giving me all the right answers, but was sure to get out of bed again. So I said, "Let's pray. God, I pray that you will help Calvin obey by staying in bed. And please give me patience and consistency, so that Cal learns not to get up. Amen."

Then Cal says, "And God, please help me stay in bed so that mommy doesn't say mean things to me."

Um, yeah...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Whoopie Cushion

I realize my voice is completely annoying (more than usual) in this video, but I was being a teacher.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

July 4th with the Millers

Eric's parents and sister (Dana) came up for a couple days and spoiled us all. They brought up an insane tunnel/tent thingamabob for the backyard, two butterfly nets, tons of Crocs (two for me!), coloring books, stickers, clothes and more! And we got to play a lot, too.

While Eric, Dana, and Steve went to pick up dinner, Barb and I took the kids to the park.

We walked a couple blocks to the fireworks. The kids had fun staying up until 11:00! We played at the park, got mini-donuts, ice cream and then Grandpa bought them some glow rings.

On Saturday, we went to an old flour mill museum. Surprisingly, they had lots of stuff for kids. We weren't able to do the actual talking tour, though, since it was about nap time and Isaac was going crazy.
We did a big floor block puzzle.

Isaac was obsessed with this huge train/tractor town. Then a guy came by and told us he couldn't sit up there. Ike was pretty upset.