Monday, July 26, 2010

Our coming baby's room

We are still working on the chair. I just threw an oatmeal colored scrap piece of material over it in the meantime.... But I made that pillow!... with Sarah Jo's help. Sarah painted these birds on the walls. Aren't they magnificent?

Above the birthing tub. I also made that triangle garland banner thingy. The squares on the wall were made by my girlfriends to encourage me during my labor.

And... tada! The tub where I will be birthing our little girl. It matches the walls. I'm pretty sure God planned it that way to make me smile.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ike's crazy adventures

If you have a queezy stomach, I'm sorry.
Ike bashed his head on a brick. He cried for a few minutes but then LOVED that he had a story to tell. He's insane and tries to do things that I think are dangerous.
We didn't really know how to cover it well....

VBS program

Jesse and Ru

Ike and Atticus

Part of Liam, Calvin and Mado

Jane and Ike

Quotes by Qal

"I don't need to learn how to spell the word 'dollar.' Do you know why? Because I can spell 'buck.' B-U-K."

"There are some decals on the wall at science camp. I know because I peeled them off a little bit. Then I stuck them back on. I was staring at them for a while. Then I looked around and realized everyone had left. They all went outside. So I ran to catch up with them."

Because I think these are funny....