Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

I wish I could post some pictures of Eric being the awesome dad that he is, but since our computer's not working and I didn't back up my pictures onto a disc (oops), that's not going to happen.

But, Eric, you must know how much our boys love you because you are fun, playful, consistent, loving and have tons of energy. Please don't die because I don't know what I'd do without you. (I know that's morbid, but that's just how I think, people!)

Happy 30th Birthday!

By the way, Eric spent his last day in his twenties at Chuck-E-Cheese and today he went to a concert and then had all his friends over to play video games. I don't think he's that old yet.

To Eric; from Sally (my mom)


Eric woke up this morning and said with a cry
“I’ve turned 30 today.” “Oh me!” and “Oh my!”.
Now don’t feel downhearted, dejected or sad,
I’ve shown up to tell you it’s not all that bad.

For Eric’s fulfilling a lot of his dreams,
A husband, a dad and a great job it seems.
He’s got friends all around and a church he can love,
Blessings galore sent straight from above.

You might think he’s quiet, guarded or shy,
But you see his true heart when he plays with his guys.
He wrestles with Cal and makes Ike giggle,
They lay on the floor and wriggle and wiggle.

His friend from the 4th grade and love of his life,
You see that he’s proud of Leah his wife.
He’s faithful and loyal, hardworking, consistent,
Emotional, loud or a braggart he isn’t.

He’s easy to love, has a true servant’s heart,
If he’s called to help out, well, he’s just doing his part.
If you’re there on a weekend to the bakery he goes,
You may even find him baking cinnamon rolls.

So you see by this tale that all’s well and good,
You’d probably pick 30 too if you could.
So say what you want & don’t hold it back,
Of cheers on his 30th may Eric have no lack!

Happy Birthday Eric!!

Love ya,

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cal did the branch on the bottom left.

No Fetching

Cal has been telling me this for weeks.

We watched Frosty tonight and Professor Hinkles actually says, "No Fair" and shakes his fist. His hair is waving in the background so it looks like he's pulling it. Poor Cal. I think it was a real letdown when I told him what he was really saying.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Cal Fun

Cal said today, "Isaac's getting curly hair!" Then... "Is he going to be a mommy?"

Also, Cal's new favorite color is red (instead of yellow). He's rebelling against culture by also loving pink, because "dark pink and light red almost match." When we see girl things that are pink, he says, "But I like pink, too."

Eric and I are not huge into Santa because there are so many real magical things about Christmas, so why force something imaginary? But Cal really likes all the movies, songs and books about Santa. So, we went to the mall to sit on Santa's lap. As we were walking away, Cal said, "See, mom? He's real!"

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's new?

Isaac has been regularly signing the word "light." He loves lights and loves telling me about them. He will yell out "ada!" when he signs it. I think it's his first word. The other two times he's signed "More" and "All done" were flukes, I think.

Cal called me over today and said, "Does this say 'ben?' It was so close! It was "bean." He is still loving letters and loves to try to sound out words (although he has no idea what most vowels say). It's fun.

Our computer has gone crazy, so I haven't been able to email or communicate during the day, but Eric brings his work laptop home, so that's how I'm posting right now. Just thought you should know and feel sorry for me.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I was asking Cal about letter sounds in the car today. "What word starts with the same sound as the word "snow?" He said, "S." I explained to him what I meant (e.g. snake, sun, etc) and tried again.

Me: What word starts with the same word as "white."
Cal: W.
Me: No. What has the same SOUND as the first sound of "white."
Cal: D.
Me: Wha...?
Cal: W starts with the letter "D." (Double U)
Me: Oh. Well... that's true. But what word starts with a "W" like the word "white."
Cal: Wine. Like the wine that you drink. But not kids. Just grown-ups. Why can't I drink wine?
He gets his sexy, full lips from his mama.

I've always wanted a son Isaac with curly hair! I think my wish may be granted! What do you think?

I'm pretty ticked that this picture didn't come out very clear. Nikki got Isaac these slippers that have leather soles so he won't slip. I just love them. And I love his man boobs.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Miss Nikki Visits

Our friend, Nikki, comes to visit from Chicago once or twice a year. Eric and I were friends with her in high school, lost touch for a while and then reconnected after college. She spoils us all with love, playtime, gifts and good conversation. Thanks for coming, Nikki! Her mom also came for a day and we loved her, too! Thanks, Mrs. Schmidt! :)

Nikki missed her two big dogs, so she gave ours lots of needed lovin'.

Isaac coming out of the TV box we made into a fort (that's in the basement, by the way! It's not finished, but it's liveable).

I told Cal to come out smiling.

He's looking at Nikki right here.