Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cal draws a present

Thanksgiving weekend

My mom, Tom and brother Jason came up for Thanksgiving. We decided to do our big dinner on Friday so that my mom could help prepare it and because I wasn't feeling well. So the group brought up Giordano's pizza from Chicago for dinner. Here it is coming out of the oven. (My mom made the pies on top of the oven while I was sleeping, bless her heart).
Thanksgiving Day- Good-looking Eric
Brother Jason with The Toot. Jason kept petting Tootie so she didn't leave him alone the entire time he was here. He was Tooted out by the time he left.

Fresh asparagus.

Joe was wifeless for the day so he came to eat with us.

Ahhh. The pies.

Yeah, it's a bad picture. But it makes me laugh.

Ike showing off his gum.

Tom and Sally at the Global Market on Saturday. My mom and I split West African food (so good).

Uncle Jason bought these sugar pops for the kids. I wouldn't let them drink it all because I'm annoying.

My new necklace that I bought there for $5.50.