Friday, September 30, 2011

My sweet boy

Calvin complimented Ike the other day, "You are good at that Ike!" I said, "That's so nice, Calvin." He responded, "There are some kids at school who tell Barry* he isn't good at anything. So whenever I'm working on a project with Barry or am playing with him, I always tell him, "You are really good at that!"

I about died when Cal told me this. Isn't this the sweetest thing? I am so proud of my thoughtful, empathetic, caring boy. What a good friend.

*Some names were changed to protect the privacy of the person(s) involved.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ike again

I was hanging out in the toy aisle with Ike and Rose. Ike said, "Look over here to see what I want, mom." And then he made a big sweeping motion with his arm and said, "Behold!"


Ike calls Rose "Chubby Pants" in a very endearing way. Today, a little girl four months older than Rose came over. Ike said, "The big baby pushed the little baby down." I asked, "Who is the little baby?" He said, "Rose." I asked, "Who is the big baby?" He pointed and said, "Her." I asked, "What's her name?" He said with a smirk, "Chubby Pants?"

Thursday, September 08, 2011

First day of school 2011

This picture is the right way on the computer. I don't know why it is flipped. :(

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The boys and their toys

My kids no longer play with most of our toys. Here is what they play with:

Cal- legos, balloons, costumes, spy stuff, magic kit
Ike- legos, hot wheels, making forts

We have some very amazing toys that are being unused. What should I do with them? Some can be saved for Rose- like Mr. Potato Head, fake food and cash register, and puppets . But what about all the guns, geo trax, Thomas the Train, trucks, stuffed animals? These are all quality toys from thoughtful people. I will probably save a few things, lend out some things, and pass on the rest.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Crazy Ike

Ike to me: You told me that I should do unto others what he does to me. So I hit him back.


Ike to me when he was mad: Then I'm going to stink up the house! (Steps on foot pedal to garbage can and holds his nose- very angry face)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Camping as a family for the first time!

I am reposting this from July 29th, 2009, because some sickos are commenting on my blog and I wanted to erase their comments and the pic they are commenting on. We went camping this weekend about 25 miles away on the St. Croix river (borders WI and MN). It took us three stops and many hours to get there. It wasn't car camping. We actually had to hike in almost a mile. Downhill and uphill. We had to make multiple trips because we just couldn't carry it all. It was... tiring. Eric was the main mule, though, and I'm thankful for his strong, sexy muscles. We brought Tootie and that was my main regret of the trip. She loved it and had a blast, but she was pretty annoying. She was anxious a lot of the time and if we let her off the 30 foot leash, she ran out of our site. So, if we do this again, it will be sans dog. Cal was exhausted when we left this evening and fell asleep in the car at 6:15pm, even though he knew we were stopping at Jamba Juice. Ike took a nap today, though, and I'm pretty sure he's still awake from all the excitement (9 o'clock). Turkey. These pictures are out of order because of stupid blogger. The more I use facebook, the more I hate blogger. Anyone else? Eric making lunch for us.
When there's nothing to do, this is what you do- organize the chairs.
Dirty, dirty child. Click on it to get a close, personal look.
Cal playing with a saw.
Cal playing with a saw and Ike playing with an ax. Again, when there's nothing to do....
Climbing up a stinking steep hill.

Crazy kids.

Cal is dancing here.
Cal took this picture of his hot mom.
Cal is afraid of climbing any higher. He's getting wussier as he ages.
And then there's Ike- he did this all by himself and was proud and not fearful. Our camp. The boys slept in the far tent and we had to switch it up in the middle of the night b/c they kept having issues (lost blankie, messed up sleeping bag, etc).
The Toots.
We went to Sonic on the way there. Here's Ike playing with the trash with a corndog stuffed in his mouth.