Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Calvin and I were talking about the prophecies of Jesus. I said, "Isn't that amazing! It would be like me saying all sorts of stuff about when you grow up and then all of it coming true! [I gave a bunch of specific examples like him marrying a girl named Hannah]." He said, "Well, we DO know that I will marry Hannah." I said, "We don't know that, but we can guess. Maybe Hannah won't want to get married when she's an adult." Cal responded with concern, "But who will take care of her when she's pregnant [see post below]? And who will take care of her when she's sick?"


While feeling sorry for myself and eating with the kids, I said, "Calvin, one day you are going to grow up and get married. And one day your wife will get pregnant. When she does, make sure you are nice to her. Take care of her. Serve her. Give her lots of love.
Calvin said, "I definitely won't love her more than God."
I responded, "That's good. You shouldn't love anyone more than God."
Then Ike said loudly, "I definitely will show her my magic tricks."

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Another Blog!

My vegan sister, Becky, is starting a blog about her adventures with shopping/cooking with "real food". My mom, Sally, and step-brother, Richard, are also involved. I included the link to the right labelled "Vegan Food" but you can also click here. I'm pretty excited about it because I really need help in trying new things and since they are so far away, I usually just get sad when they tell me all about their homemade bean burgers and tabouli.

I really only have one vegan recipe (that I got from Becky) and it rocks- even Eric likes it! I'll have to add it to the blog if Becky doesn't beat me to it.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


We went to General Mills on Saturday for a winter carnival. They had some amazing face-painting going on so the kids picked these pirates.

Brian and Sarah visit

My cousin, Sarah, and her husband, Brian, stopped by for breakfast a couple weeks ago.

Cal made Brian this hat. It was double-sided. One side was for the Bears. The other was for the Cubs.