Friday, August 31, 2007

Minnesota State Fair

Jess and Jacob took Cal and Sammy to the fair while I stayed home with Isaac and Freddie. It worked out great, since the Rods (Rodriguezes) thrive on crazy, dirty, over-priced tourist attractions (Sorry, Jess... but it's kinda true, right?). Cal had such a fun time! Thanks to our friends who treat our children as they treat their own. Everything I write after this is from Jess' testimony.

The boys were immediately attracted to the blow-up bats and hammers.

Cal continued to ask about the hammers throughout the day.

Then Sammy and Cal showed off their awesome unicorns.

Jess brought me back some of Aunt Martha's Famous Cookies- and I didn't even ask her to. Mmmmm.

They both got a corn dog. Cal ate all the corn off of his and left the rest. Somehow, it ended up back at home.

I love this picture of Sammy. He's pumped.

Jacob took Cal on the hot-air balloon ride. He loved it.

When Eric asked Cal what he did at the fair, Cal said, "We rode in a boat! It went up up up to the sky and then came down. Water SPLASHED into the boat!" That was true.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Comparison of Cal and Ike at 10 months

I couldn't make the list side by side to do the comparison, so I color-coded them.


*Let me wipe his nose and even learned to blow it himself at an early age.

*No child proofing needed. He just wasn't into doors, exploring, etc.

*I spanked Cal on his bare booty because he wouldn't sit still for a diaper change and he never squirmed again.

*Cal learned how to crawl at a slow pace because he was so content to sit and play with the toys I gave him.

*Cal never really cared if we took a diry or too-small toy away from him .

*Cal put up with the dogs and sometimes would rub them when Lola put her head in his lap.


* Won't let me touch his nose.

*Can't get enough of doors.

*I spanked Isaac for squirming and he laughed at me. (Oh, and he's still squirming)

*Isaac wants nothing to do with the toys I give him and immediately heads for non-toys (Cal's potty seat, remotes, cell phones, wires, outlets, rocks, pinecones, poisonous mushrooms...).

*Isaac gives me a dirty look and yells like he's in pain when I take a non-toy away.

*Isaac flings his arms around and shrieks with laughter when a dog comes over to see him.


*Both love food.

*Both had natural mohawks.

Monday, August 27, 2007

My butt!

Visiting the Sprouts

Tracy and her family came back in town for a visit. We played in her mom's backyard and the kids had tons of fun.

Jaiden and Ike

Will- he's already 1 1/2.

Cal is hiding.

All of them wanted to be on the rollercoaster.

Isaac woke up from his nap before the rest... as usual.

Visiting Chad

On our way home from vacation, we got to see our friends, Chad and Christa Jenkins and their new baby, Isaac. This is the only picture I got...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday, Grandma Pat!

As you may have noticed, August is the month of birthdays in our family. And as you also may have noticed, I'm not very great at keeping up with them! So, Grandma Pat, a day late: Happy Birthday! We love you lots and miss you tons.

I think this is the most recent picture I have of you, Grandma (from Christmas)! We love that Grandma Pat is always willing to hold our babies. She cuddles and snuggles them and gives them so much love. Thank you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vacation at the Lake of the Ozarks

My mom's family and her husband, Tom's, family all went on vacation for a week to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. We stayed in a really big house right on the lake and rented a boat for 4 days. Cal was in heaven, swimming every day and getting loads of attention from everyone. Isaac had fun, too, but when we got home and put him in his own bed he started squealing with delight, turning in circles and hugging the bumper pads.

Those who were there:
Sally (my mom) and Tom (her husband)
My brother, Jason
My sister, Becky, and her girlfriend, Cheryl
Richard (Tom's son) and his wife, Kari
Scott (Tom's son)
Eric, Me, Cal and Ike

Hanging out on the boat. Notice Scott's hair (far right).

Left to right: Isaac, Kari, Richard, Me, Cal, Jason, Cheryl, Scott

Swimming in the middle of the lake.

Kari, Scott and Isaac

Me, wakeboarding.

Eric was really close to running over Richard once and Becky got nervous every time we were within 8 feet of her. She got up on the wakeboard, though!

Eric wakeboarding

My mom and me floating by the dock right outside of our house.

Scott and Jason sporting awesome hair the whole vacation.

Jason was the master breakfast chef every morning (I had the honor of helping).

It took my sister a bunch of tries to get Isaac crawling. He kept speed crawling right toward the camera and grabbing it.

Isaac eating.

He wasn't too fond of this life jacket.

Jason and Calvin relaxing.

Calvin was a psycho water boy. He would throw the noodle and then jump. Sometimes he would jump in and there wouldn't be anyone nearby to catch him. He would just start swimming back to the ladder to do it again. He was a serious maniac.

This is his best smile for Aunt Becky.

Cheryl and the man-down flag

Eric, the captain and Crazy Tom.

Eric wakeboarding

Here's my man doing a sweet mad jump.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Cal had such a fun time at Vacation Bible School two weeks ago. He is still singing songs that he learned. He was probably a tad too young to be there (the class was 3 year olds). He rarely listened to his teacher and followed his friend, Molly, around the whole time, giggling and dancing.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cal is so brave

For some dumb reason, I videoed this verically and can't figure out how to turn it.

Friday, August 10, 2007

We Love You, Grandma Barb!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

I realize I'm writing this one day late,
But I have to tell you, Grandma, why you are so great.
You play with me, tickle me and feed me, too.
And you laughed at me when I fell in your l'eau.
You take me shopping and buy me toys
You say that I am one of the cutest boys (right?).
And even though you hold my little bro,
I know I'm your favorite- at least I think so.

I love you. From Calvin

Hi, this is Ike.
I love you more than my bike.
And more than Cal's trike.
I'm not gonna say "sike."

My Boys Love the Swing

Calvin- August 2005

Isaac- July 2007

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Uncle Jason Visits

My brother, Jason, came to town to do our drywall in the basement (AKA Eric's mistress). He and Zack Smole got so much done and we are so thankful to them both for making the trip up here.

Funny Food Faces

Grandma Barb got Cal this awesome Sesame Street Cookbook. After much reminding by Cal, we finally made this Grover- who doesn't look as much like Grover as I would have liked. But Cal didn't seem to mind as he was scarfing down this tasty treat.

Oral Fixations...?